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At Allied High Tech Products, Inc., we know that successful outcomes depend on integrated, well-conceived solutions. That's why our focus is on the research, design, manufacture, distribution, service and support of high-quality equipment and consumables for sectioning, mounting, polishing, cleaning, hardness testing, and microscopy and image analysis for companies involved in supporting the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Allied products are utilized in laboratory and production environments where quality assurance, reliability and failure analysis are used as measures for worldwide compliance and safety. Because we believe the ability of our customers to effectively use our products is just as important as the effectiveness of the products themselves, we offer comprehensive personalized training and expert technical assistance. And Allied products always offer superior value and are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

With headquarters located in Cerritos, California and a second manufacturing facility in Edmond, Oklahoma, Allied's equipment, consumables and technical expertise are utilized and supported worldwide.

We invite you to investigate the world of Allied High Tech Products.

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Allied Innovations

Allied's TechCut 5x™ Precision High Speed Saw can section even the most advanced aerospace and aircraft materials. Its innovative microprocessor-based system automatically adjusts the feed rate as cutting conditions change due to varying thickness and/or material differences in the sample. T-Slot and X-Axis tables are easily changed and offer a wide variety of convenient table-specific fixture options to accommodate any size and shape of material.

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