PowerCut 10x™ Abrasive Cut off Saw


The PowerCut 10x™ is a powerful, manual bench-top cut-off saw designed for low to high volume applications. It accommodates blades ranging from 8" to 10" in diameter, allowing a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes up to 3.75" (95 mm) thick to be sectioned. A side port allows the cutting of longer samples such as bar stock. The PowerCut 10x™ has been redesigned with updated features such as an external wash-down hose & nozzle; blade guard with improved coolant manifold; improved drain flow through a larger opening; torsion-style motor return spring; new LED lighting and a taller cover with improved edge profile to keep water/coolant from dripping out.

See pictures for:

  • Dual T-slot tables accommodate two quick-slide vises to provide maximum sample support for burr-free cutting

  • Dual T-slot tables provide a versatile platform for various fixturing options to secure irregular-shaped samples (see pictures: #5-4050 Vertical Adjusting Clamps shown)

  • The #5-4230 Cabinet/Stand is useful for blade, tool, and coolant tank storage


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PowerCut 10x Abrasive Cut-Off Saw


10-inch (254 mm) diameter blade capacity   Accepts blades with either 1.25" or 32 mm arbor hole
Powerful 3.5 HP (2600 W) stainless steel waterproof motor, 3,450 RPM   Cutting capacity: up to 3.75" (95 mm) bar stock
5" (127 mm) distance between blade and motor allowing longer/larger parts to be sectioned   Optional 5-4005 Quick-Slide stainless steel vise with 3.45" (87 mm) capacity
Two (2) T-slot tables allow front-to-back and side-to-side vise/clamp positioning   Optional 5-4050 Vertical Adjusting Clamp available for odd-shaped samples
Large shatterproof viewing window   Sturdy cast aluminum base
LED Illuminated interior   Electronic brake to stop blade at end of operation
Counterbalanced, corrosion-proof stainless steel motor with direct drive   Emergency shut-off switch
Corrosion and impact resistant cover   Safety switch to stop blade when cover is lifted
Side port for cutting long samples   Weight: 168 lb. (76 kg)
Dimensions: 32" W x 32" D x 27.5" H (813 x 813 x 699 mm)   Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA
Two (2) year warranty  
Item # Description Qty
5-4200 POWERCUT 10x™ ABRASIVE CUT-OFF SAW, 230 V 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase
5-4200-415 POWERCUT 10x™ ABRASIVE CUT-OFF SAW, 415 V 50 Hz, 3 Phase
5-4200-480 POWERCUT 10x™ ABRASIVE CUT-OFF SAW, 480 V 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase

Product Accessories

NOTE: Recirculation system, accessories and consumables are SOLD SEPARATELY. Please choose accessories from the list below to ensure a complete system is configured for quotation.

Item # Description Qty
5-4005 Click to Enlarge » Quick-Slide Stainless Steel Vise 3.45" Opening x 2" W x 1.95" H (87 x 51 x 49 mm)
5-4010 Click to Enlarge » Quick-Slide Stainless Steel Vise, Low Profile 3.45" Opening x 2" W x 1.38" H (87 x 51 x 35 mm)
5-4050 Click to Enlarge » Vertical Adjusting Clamp 2.25" (57 mm) Capacity, Flat & Angled Pad, for T-Slot Table
5-4230 Click to Enlarge » Cabinet/Stand & Cart for PowerCut 10x™ & TechCut 5™ Includes #5-4210 Roller cart, for 7-Gallon (26.5 L) capacity coolant reservoir, 26" W x 26" D x 37" H (660 x 660 x 940 mm)
5-4211 Click to Enlarge » Recirculating Coolant System for PowerCut 10x™ 230 V, 7-Gallon (26.5 L) Capacity, PP Plastic
5-4210 Click to Enlarge » Roller Cart for 7-Gallon (26.5 L) Capacity Coolant Reservoir
5-4255 Click to Enlarge » Blade Position Laser Indicator, for PowerCut 10x™
5-4260 Click to Enlarge » Safety Interlock for PowerCut 10x™ Cover - 230 or 480V Machines