NEW CF-1™ Central Force Sample Holder Loading/Unloading System

Semi-Automatic Grinders/Polishers

The NEW CF-1™ central force loading station uses pneumatics to apply uniform downforce to align the mounts on the same plane in the sample holder, resulting in reduced grinding time. The rotating base provides convenient movement of the sample holder and equally sets the mount height for proper spacing. The pivot arm features a graduated scale for repeatable positioning which is adjustable using the two (2) large red knobs that are knurled for improved grip.

The unit requires compressed air like that provided to the power head. This is used to both secure the sample holder firmly in place and provide force to the pad to firmly secure the mount when tightening the sample holder screw(s).

The base system is supplied with a single applicator pad and unloading plate. The dual applicator accessory is sold separately and recommended for use with either dual-cavity or large cavity sample holders.


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Pneumatic loading ensures mount/sample planarity   Reduces initial planarizing/grinding process time and consumable usage
Rotating base supports rapid loading and unloading of mounts    Graduated scale on pivot arm simplifies loading setup 
Ambidextrous (right or left-hand) use   Compatible with all Allied Central Force sample holders
Two (2) year Warranty   Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA
Item # Description Qty
5-CF00 CF-1™ Central Force Sample Holder Loading/Unloading System includes #5-CF05, Single Pad Attachment for Tear-Drop Fixtures, #5-CF15, Unloading Plate, Air supply line and regulator

Product Accessories

Item # Description Qty
5-CF05 Click to Enlarge » CF-1™ Single Pad Attachment for Tear-Drop Fixtures
5-CF10 Click to Enlarge » CF-1™ Dual Pad Attachment for Dual Cavity & Large Mount Fixtures
5-CF15 CF-1™ Unloading Plate Assembly