NEW Dia-Grid RIGID Diamond Grinding Discs

Dia-Grid RIGID is a resin-bond diamond grinding disc designed for rough/plane grinding of tough materials. Featuring both a large area and thick diamond segment, Dia-Grid RIGID provides greater wear resistance, resulting in longer product life. Wide channels between diamond segments allow water to flush debris quickly and effectively to help shorten grinding time, reduce usage, and produce superior sample flatness. Ideal for coarse grinding of: sintered carbide, ceramic, hard metal alloys (+150 HV), and optical glass.

Features include:

*Extreme flatness and edge retention of encapsulated metallurgical specimens
*Superior stock removal
*Unmatched product life and reduced overall cost

Dia-Grid RIGID has a high-grip coating on the back of the disc to prevent slippage under high force. The thick, rigid, stainless steel disc adheres to any magnetic platen.