ZEN 2 Core Software


ZEN 2 Core is powerful software for microscopy imaging, automated control of motorized ZEISS microscopes, and multi-modal workflows in material laboratory environments.

Use ZEN 2 Core imaging software to handle routine tasks on a wide range of ZEISS microscope or camera systems. While extracting the highest technical performance from your microscopes, ZEN 2 core provides access to every parameter and function you might wish to optimize through an intuitive and configurable graphical interface.

Or use ZEN 2 Core to create task-specific workbenches that show only the required microscope controls on the screen. Combine these workbenches to create dedicated jobs that assist your operators through a defined flow of consecutive tasks, to ensure data repeatability in a multi-user environment.

Modular Components: 

·        Panorama/Tiles & Positions
·        Manual Extended Focus
·        Motorized Extended Focus
·        Advanced Processing and Analysis
·        Autofocus (motorized stand only)
·        Grain Size Analysis
·        Cast Iron Analysis
·        Multiphase Analysis
·        Comparative Diagrams
·        Layer Thickness
·        Macro Environment

·        GxP (Audit Trail and process insurance; 21CFR Part 11 compliant system)


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